Integrated Policy

The Management of Fornaroli Polymers has decided to implement an Integrated Management System within the organization, in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 standards, identifying the adoption of the principles of Quality Management the best choice for improving company efficiency: this in order to identify and increasingly satisfy the needs of customers with a view to continuous improvement of service and processes, as well as consolidation and expansion of position of the company within the reference market.

Fornaroli Polymers has decided to integrate the Environment and Safety systems into the quality system already in place, principles which are already very present for Fornaroli Polymers and which are reflected in the reference standards; since 2019 this System and the results obtained are considered an integral part of company management.

The company is also a distributor for products classified as ISCC+, due to this policy the company is aware that it is not possible to carry out multiple credit counting.

Through its Management System and the resulting Procedures which must be observed by all employees and people who operate under its control, the Management has therefore established the following strategic objectives which must be pursued by Fornaroli Polymers S.P.A.:

  • fully and certainly comply with the mandatory legislation
  • identify the needs of interested parties and the expectations of both external and internal customers
  • maintain and consolidate the position of Fornaroli Polymers in the reference market
  • activate communication tools inside and outside Fornaroli Polymers to improve the information flow and ensure that the needs of customers and in general of all interested parties, identified as relevant by the organization, are known and understood among all those who contribute to the provision of services
  • activate an adequate self-monitoring system of the Management System that allows you to measure activities, neutralize problems and provide Management with suitable elements to carry out Reviews
  • train personnel attentive to environmental, safety and quality issues
  • pursue continuous improvement by encouraging the implementation of preventive actions aimed at protecting the environment, health and safety rather than having to undertake corrective actions
  • comply with all legal requirements and mandatory regulations regarding worker health and safety
  • where possible reduce the risks to the Health and Safety of its workers to ZERO
  • punctually comply with mandatory environmental regulations
  • keep active a management system aimed at preventing accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses
  • continuous strengthening through an education and training process carried out thanks to extremely qualified and loyal companies
  • continuous investment in the best technologies available in order to optimize the performance of our service, limit the impact on the environment and protect the health and safety of operators
  • involve and consult workers periodically, also through their Internal Safety Representative
  • kept under control of investigations into accidents, near misses, near misses and potential risks, aiming to resolve them within the established times and methods
  • control and differentiation of waste produced, favoring, where possible, recycling and reuse
  • increase in worker satisfaction, compatible with the company’s priority objectives
  • commitment to increase turnover and company profitability

The commitments undertaken to achieve these objectives are identified in the correct planning and implementation of the Management System, in the optimization of the processes considered within the field of application and in the correct implementation of what is defined and described within the System documents of Management.

The staff of Fornaroli Polymers, made aware of the corporate line taken, said they were ready within their various skills to implement and support the Policy for the Integrated System.

The Management is directly involved in the implementation and management of the System, and it is also its task to verify its effectiveness through a systematic evaluation of the processes involving all company personnel.

The explicit framework criteria will be formally reviewed during the Review, at each exercise or at each change in the scenario or context in which it operates, to evaluate its continuity and adequacy, therefore this Integrated Policy, the Table Evaluation Criteria aspects Environmental and the DVR will be reviewed and updated in the face of any legislative, structural or organizational changes.

The objectives set annually in the Improvement Plan must be measurable and consistent with the Integrated System Policy; furthermore, the objectives undertaken by Fornaroli Polymers during the Management Review are brought to the attention of all company staff.

An absolute priority of Fornaroli Polymers is the periodic review of the entire Integrated System and its correct implementation in terms of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

Piacenza, 05/03/2023